Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Rules" by Cynthia Lord

Rules is a book by Cynthia Lord and has won the Newbery Honor award, and the Schneider Family Book Award. It’s a story about a twelve-year old girl named Catherine who has a brother with autism. She often finds herself thinking “Why is it me having to be the one with the brother who copies Frog and Toad sayings and reads every bit off video cases at the store?”

But not everything is lost. One day when David, her brother, goes to OT, she finds a friend that was found in the process of just sketching a boy in a wheelchair….

Some parts are funny, and some parts are sad, and you really feel what the characters are feeling. I think that it’s a very good book, and 3rd grade level readers would like it too. That is just what I think. Other people could like it too.

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